COVID-19 Information

To book an appointment during COVID-19: The UBC Health Clinic has transitioned most of its patient appointments to telemedicine visits. To reduce the risk to all of us there will be reduced staff and physicians on site.  A limited number of patients will be in clinic at one time. Plexiglass partitions are set up at the reception. Each exam room and piece of equipment used is cleaned with Health Canada approved disinfectants. Please be patient with reception as there has been an increase in patient calls.

Visiting the Clinic during COVID-19: We ask that no staff, physician or patient come into the clinic with symptoms that could be infectious to others in a clinic setting.  At the current time all staff, health care providers, administrators and patients are asked to wear a surgical mask while in the building. All health care providers also wear surgical protective eyewear when seeing a patient. Plexiglass shields are set up between our front office staff and patients. We have directional arrows directing traffic such that everyone enters in one door and leaves through another. Surfaces of exam rooms and equipment that have been touched by the patient and/or the physician are wiped with Health Canada approved disinfectants between each patient. We ask that family and friends do not accompany a patient into the clinic unless needed based on age or needs.  This reduces the number of people in the clinic at one time.

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