We offer our patients online video appointments using the telemedicine program which provides a secure online platform that does not require you to download any software or create an account. It can be accessed from almost anywhere via computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection.

Please note that not all visits are suitable for a telehealth/video visit and you may be requested to come in for an exam if required.

  • These visits are fully covered by MSP.
  • These visits are by appointment only, it does not work on a drop-in basis – if you wish to book a telehealth appointment please phone the clinic to schedule this.
  • Our regular no-show fees apply to missed telehealth appointments.
  • Telehealth visits are only available to current patients of our clinic.

Instructions for Patients

  • Have photo ID handy
  • Collect necessary information. Please think about what information the doctor may need during your visit such as
    • preferred pharmacy and laboratory
    • relevant measurements for your medical care such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, etc
  • Test your connection by checking into your doctor’s virtual waiting room (click on their name below under Start Your Telemedicine Visit) and then test your camera and connection by using the “pre-call test” link.
  • Check in ahead of time. Please ensure you are in the doctor’s virtual waiting room and ready to go 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time
    • Click on your doctor’s name below
    • Enter your name (please use the name that shows on your carecard) and click “check in”
    • Your doctor will be with you shortly!

If you have any difficulties connecting please call our staff at 604-822-5431

Note – if you cannot hear your doctor, please ensure the VOLUME on your computer or mobile device is turned all the way up.

Start Your Video Visit